Anthony Two Moons

Creative Director, Photographer

Born in Denver, Colorado, Anthony Two Moons, Southern Arapaho, discovered his passion for photography at the age of 15. His intuitive understanding of form, light and color was to become the foundation for his career as a professional photographer. After studying painting and the Fine Arts at Denver University, Anthony’s explorations of the visual arts led him to Santa Barbara, California, for the next four years where he attended the Brooks Institute of Photographic Art and Science. Anthony’s professional photography career began immediately after his studies, promptly landing his first fashion photography campaign within two years.

The next ten years, Anthony’s expertise flourished as he took on assignments throughout the world, working with high-profile celebrities and influential talent, and exhibiting his work in galleries. These experiences unfolded a life he never before imagined. A true artist at heart, Anthony realized photography was only one element of his original vision of creative expression. In the late 90’s he returned to painting. In 2000, Anthony presented his first solo art show sponsored by the National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian, featuring a series of Indigenous themed paintings depicting viewpoints that went beyond the confines of the lens.


Anthony actively works with some of the world’s most prestigious clients, including L’Oréal, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Estée Lauder, Vogue, GQ, La Mer, Peloton, Visa, Tory Burch, among others. He continues to devote his knowledge and experience to Indigenous pursuits to benefit communities such as the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe in Southwestern Colorado where he teaches periodically.