Frequently Asked Questions


Following are a few common questions about grants and grant writing. Everyday we receive calls from people because they heard a late night TV ad or saw something on the internet that implies anyone can get a grant. Beware of scams.






I want to start a business, can I get a grant?

​Most small business start ups cannot get grants. While there are some Small Business Innovation and Research grants available, they do not apply to standard for profit or nonprofit start-ups. For more information on grants for business go to the federal government grants website at or Small Business Administration.




Can I get a grant to pay medical bills?

​Grants go to nonprofit organizations to serve large numbers of people in your same situation, not to individuals to pay bills. If you need help with medical bills, talk to the medical providers to see if they will help you and also talk to a local nonprofit such as United Way or Red Cross to see if there are any nonprofits that can help you. 



I just started a new nonprofit. Can I get a building grant?

​Most grant makers will not give new nonprofits grants large enough to buy buildings or pay for operational expenses. Try to find donated space to launch your programs, then start out with smaller grants until you have demonstrated a track record of success. It normally takes a new nonprofit 3-5 years to get large grants. Your best bet is to partner with an existing nonprofit and launch a project to demonstrate a track record of success.




I am disabled. Can I get a grant for retraining?

The agency that may be able to help you best with financial assistance for retraining is your state Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation. You can also go to the college you want to attend and ask for financial aid. In addition there may be retraining opportunities with some labor unions. Most grants do not go to individuals.




I got a call saying I won a free government grant, is it real?
The federal government will never call you to say you have won a grant and they will never ask for money from you or personal information. Unfortunately many scam artists are making calls to take advantage of people.