Keynote Speeches, Conference Topics and National Presentations


USGG has a team of award-winning grant writers that also are available for state and national conferences, staff development workshops, and corporate trainings. Presentations and speeches can be customized to fit any size program and audience that is interested in inspiring, entertaining, and educating their employees or members to Win More Grants. 

The Growing SMART Project


The Growing SMART Project: How to Teach Teens Science, Math and Art Through Problem Solving and Grant Writing can be presented as a 1-2 hour overview, 4 hour introduction for teachers and youth coaches, or a two day train the trainer program to teach middle school and high school teachers how to teach students to find and write grants and align the project based learning modules to core curriculum in science, math, arts, research and technology. Past youth participants in this program in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Texas and Washington have worked in teams to solve problems such as academic failure, teen pregnancy, meth use in schools, lack of professional health workers in rural areas, bullying, environmental degradation and childhood obesity. A total of more than $200,000 in new grant funding for their communities has been obtained over the past 8 years with only 200 students participaing in pilot projects, including two grants from the Indianapolis Colts the year they won the Super Bowl!

How to Find, Write and Win More Grants


How to Find, Write and Win More Grants can be presented as a 1-2 hour overview, 4 hour introduction for Program Directors, or in a two day workshop for employees and community partners. This fast-paced, dynamic presentation gets the audience involved, thinking outside the box, and expanding collaborating partnerships and networks. Each presentation can be customized to address a specific field of interest such as drug prevention, rural development, youth leadership, healthcare, workforce development, Native American tribes, law enforcement, and more. Past clients that have invited USGG to speak at thier national conferences or community events include Wayland Baptist University Administrators, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, PGA TOUR, Women, Infants and Children, American Medical Administrators Association, National Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils, US Army, State of Indiana Rural Health, Indiana Area Health Education Center Network, National Cooperative of Health Networks Association, and US Bank.

Technology Grants


USGG has provided 1-2 hour presentations, keynote speeches, and one day workshops on how to find, write and win more technology grants for corporations like Cisco, Comstor, and Westcon; government agencies like Houston Police Department, Denver Sheriff's Office, Office of National Drug Prevention Policy, High Impact Drug Trafficking Area Training Coordinators, Los Angeles Regional Criminal Information Clearinghouse (LA CLEAR Training Center), US Department of Defense, US Department of Homeland Security, and West Virginia State Police; and national associations such as the American Medical Administrators Assocaition, Georgia Statewide PEER Technical Assistance Association, and National Colloaborative of Heath Networks Association. Participants learn to shift their thinking from the technology they want to buy to the problem they want to solve for the people which leads to winning more grants. USGG writers also have unique expertise in Small Business Research & Innovation Grants.