Grants for Development Directors

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Development Directors Grants are more often called “Capacity Building Grants,” as the job of the Development Director is to generate additional funding to expand and enhance the capacity of the nonprofit organization. Many private and corporate foundations, as well as government agencies, give development directors grants. The first step in getting development directors grants is finding the right funding opportunities. The best way to find funding opportunities for development directors grants is by searching the Internet. Knowing how to search for development directors grants is the key to your success. For example, a search for “development directors grants” will produce a few results, yet a search for “capacity building grants” will produce many results. By clicking on the links, you’ll quickly go to the foundation, corporate, state and federal funding websites. Avoid the “.com” websites as many of them are more interested in making money for themselves than they are in helping agencies find quality funding opportunities for development directors grants. Also avoid ones that advertise “free money or free grants.”

One of the best sources to learn about all kinds of federal grants is The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the managing partner for the Program, an E-Government initiative focused on improving access to government services via the Internet. There are 26 federal grant-making agencies and more than 900 grant programs on the website with hyperlinks to numerous opportunities for grants. Applications to apply for development directors grants are often available online. State government agencies also award development directors grants (also called “capacity building grants”). Go to your official state website and look for “funding opportunities.” If there is no such link, then go to specific agencies within your state government to see what grant opportunities might be available.

The Foundation Directory Online provides access to a vast database of more than 100,000 private and corporate foundations and it may be available for free at your local library. Enter your state into the geographic focus search field to retrieve all U.S. foundations that make grants in your state or enter “capacity building” in the text field to retrieve all U.S. foundations that give development directors grants. Other key words that can be placed in the type of support field to produce quality results are “program development” or “general operating funds.” According to a recent search on The Foundation Directory Online, there are thousands of foundations in the United States that award development directors grants.

Information regarding foundations and nonprofit organizations is available at Guidestar. Much of the information on this website is free, but you do have to log in to access the information. Guidestar has information that helps nonprofit organizations identify foundations interested in their cause and also helps foundations and philanthropists identify nonprofit organizations they would like to fund. All nonprofit organizations that complete a 990 form are listed on Guidestar’s website. Nonprofit organizations should update their profiles regularly to increase chances of having foundations and philanthropists choose them for funding.

USGG Grant Writing Workshops include training on how to find additional funding opportunities for development directors grants. In addition, a workbook full of funding resources is provided to all participants. Contact us to Host a Workshop for your community or agency.

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