Grants for Bills

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Federal grants for bills don’t exist to help people pay healthcare bills, household bills, college loans, or personal expenses. Despite this truth about grants for bills, it hasn’t stopped unscrupulous businesses from charging people to find out if they qualify for such grants. In fact, the federal government says the best way to learn about getting help with medical bills, utility bills, and other bills is to see if you qualify for benefits at

The federal government walks you through a step-by-step Benefit Finder process to determine if you are eligible for any bills. The questions ask about your location, household size, income, and other details to find the best benefits. Many of these questions are the same as the ones you would fill out on a tax form, so set aside plenty of time to fill in the questionnaire.

Instead of grants, you could be eligible for a broad range of government benefits. They include benefits for:

  • Career development- to help you train for work and look for a job

  • HIV/AIDS- to pay for doctor’s visits and get medication

  • Childcare- to pay for the cost of daycare for your children

  • Disaster relief- for emergency expenses during a disaster, such as a hurricane

Like grants, these benefits are generally yours if you qualify and fill in the applications correctly. For the most part, you won’t have to pay them back unless you violate certain guidelines, which vary according to the benefit. For example, you would have to pay back unemployment benefits if you had inaccurate information on your application in the state of Washington.

Don’t be fooled by ads that encourage you to pay exorbitant amounts for someone to find grants that pay bills. Many of these companies are exaggerating what types of grants are available to the average person. If you’re experiencing problems paying bills due to unemployment or a weather-related disaster, can help. Most people should look into government benefits through the government’s Benefit Finder questionnaire. If you have a specific project that could use grants, look into individual grants for things related to scientific developments, medical work, and other grant-worthy endeavors.

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