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Some private foundations and government agencies give grants to individuals for research, sabbaticals, arts, documentaries, college scholarships, or social change, but grants to individuals are few and far between. The Foundation Directory Online, a fee based subscription that may be available at your local library for free, has a database that allows you to search for grants for individuals in your state or throughout the nation. For other individual grants, try searching online for the name of your state or city and the phrase “individual grant”. You can also search for the phrase “individual grant” and “foundation” to see if any private foundations have grants available.

Scientific grants for individuals generally require individuals to write a description of the proposed scientific project they hope to fund with their grant. Key to most applications is your past record of scientific work and your budget. The reason your past work and budget are so important is that they give the grant-giving organizations a better idea of what you have done and what you are capable of doing with a grant.

For your past scientific works, be sure to gather plenty of photos, reviews, and media coverage of your work. This gives the grant application reviewers tangible proof of your abilities. For your budget, make sure the amount you request does not exceed the grant amounts. Have someone else review the budget for any errors you may have missed.

Medical grants support research and projects that are related to medical issues. They often fund research. For example, the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation Grant funds individual projects that investigate new cancer therapies.

Some grants fund medical equipment for personal use or help people with disabilities, like the Kelly Brush Foundation’s Individual Grant. This grant is for people with spinal cord injuries who want help buying adaptive sport equipment such as handcycles.Some medical grants are exclusively given to faculty members at colleges. They fund research or living expenses for teachers and professors. The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has a grant for its College of Medicine professors who need help paying for pilot studies.

Individual grants are available, if you know where to look and fit the qualifications. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that they are outnumbered by grants for businesses and nonprofits. Finding the right individual grant is worth your time if you want external support for your project. Contact us if you need help.

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