Scholarship Grants

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Scholarship Grants are offered to individuals to pay for educational opportunities. Any individual can apply for scholarship grants if they meet the eligibility requirements. The best way to learn about which foundations give scholarship grants is to go to your local library and conduct research. Local libraries have many foundation directories and resources available to use at no charge.

Many libraries have access to the Foundation Directory Online so that you can do a search on Scholarship Grants. The Foundation Directory Online allows you to search for Grants or for Foundations. It is a good idea to use both search engines. There are at least 1,039 foundations in the United States that give scholarship grants to individuals and over 2,000 foundations that give to scholarship funds.

When conducting a search for scholarship grants, also search for grants awarded for student aid. Many colleges and universities receive grants to provide student aid to individuals.

USGG, in partnership with the Center for Rural Outreach and Public Services, began offering a course called The Growing SMART Project: How to Teach Teens Science, Math and Art Through Grant Writing which is a project-based learning program that not only teachers teens problem solving and grant writing skills but also how to apply for scholarship grants. The grant writing for teen course is available to any school district interest in helping students learn how to find, write, and win scholarships grants.

For more information on the Growing SMART Project or how to teach teens to apply for scholarship grants, contact us.

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