Research Grants

The federal government’s numerous grant programs help individuals and organizations fund projects, buy equipment and hire staff to conduct research. The federal government knows how important research is to fields like biology, computer science and healthcare and sorts through thousands of grant applications every year. That’s why you need to get as much help possible to compete with other federal research grant applicants: the competition for funds is fierce.

Here’s how you can get ahead in the federal research grants game. It’s not always possible, but if you can read previous winning applications, you can get an idea of how to structure your own grant. As you write your research grant, you can use it as a rough guide that will help you stay on track. Through the Freedom of Information Act you have a right to see copies of winning research grant proposals, but there is a process for accessing the information and sometimes its time consuming and challenging to get the applications you want to see. Start out by contacting the federal agency that provides research grants for which you want to apply. Then ask for a contact in their Freedom of Information Act Office.

Some grant organizations will hold informational sessions, bidder’s workshops or technical assistance webinars that can answer all your questions before you begin your research grants application. Hearing directly from the grant organizers can help you decide the best way to present your research project and get grants. In addition to information sessions, you can also download checklists and guides from about research grants.

USGG discusses case studies of previous winning grants in its Win More Grants Certificate Course workshops and Grant Writing as a Career Certificate online grant writing course. In addition, participants receive a 381 page workbook with numerous sample proposals and sample grant closeout reports to private foundations, corporate sponsors, and federal government agencies.

USGG grant writers know what it takes to write great grant applications because they have experience in writing numerous federal grants. There is so much for a beginner to learn that using a professional writer is a good idea if you’re pressed for time or really want to increase your application’s chances of winning. Experienced grant writers and consultants can save you many hours of work and frustration and increase your odds of winning. You can then use their advice for future grants.

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