Medical Health Center Grants


Medical health center grants from the United States Department of Health and Human Services to establish Federally Qualified Health Centers are one of the most popular and heavily funded types of medical health center grants available at this time. These health center grants are funded under section 330 of the Public Health Service Act – Consolidated Health Center Program. There are five different types of health center grants available under this section:

  • Community Health Center Program – section 330(e)

  • Migrant Health Center Program – section 330(g)

  • Health Care for the Homeless Program – section 330(h)

  • Public Housing Primary Care Program – section 330(i)

  • School-Based Health Center Program – section 330(e)

To be eligible for federal health center grants under section 330, you must be a private, charitable, tax-exempt non-profit organization or a public entity with a co-applicant arrangement. Many private foundations are also interested in funding FQHCs to leverage their funding in taking care of the medically underserved in their communities.

USGG has extensive experience in the arena of medical health center grants, including health center grants to establish a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or FQHC Look Alike. Its founder and lead instructor, Beverly Santicola, helped establish the Asian American Health Center Hope Clinic in Houston, Texas and partnered with HealthLinc in Northwest, Indiana on various health care center grants between 2006 and 2012. USGG has authored health center grants to:

  • Create a Community Based Health Center – FQHC

  • Expand and enhance a Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Program

  • Provide breast cancer screening, diagnostics and treatment for 10,000 women

  • Provide primary health care services to medically underserved Asian Americans

  • Provide health care education and outreach to culturally diverse populations

  • Build and renovate health care facilities

  • Staff health care organizations

  • Provide mental health services to children and families

In USGG grant writing workshops, Santicola shares the secrets to her success and provides students with samples of many of her award-winning health center grant proposals. Each participant that attends a USGG workshop receives a list of 115 places to research grants and a 381 page workbook with sample health care center grant proposals. Past workshop participants have included individuals from hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers for children with special needs, home health care agencies, health care organizations, public health departments, state agencies, emergency medical service organizations, mental health agencies and FQHCs. Representatives from organizations such as the University of Texas, Gateway Community Health Center, Mercy Medical Flight, First United Methodist Church, Head Start, San Juan Nursing Home, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, American Cancer Society, Texas Department of Public Safety, Valley AIDS Council, Christus, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the St. Joseph County Health Department who attended USGG workshops have all written glowing evaluations for the training received toward writing better health care grant proposals.

Melinda Konrath, R.N., Director of Nursing for the St. Joseph County Health Department, recently said “We’ve written a lot of grant proposals, but none of them have looked as good as Beverly’s examples. It was a great workshop and I learned a lot. Beverly was well prepared, knowledgeable of the subject, and experienced. She kept it interesting. The workshop content was relevant and useful.”

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