K-12 Education Grants

K-12 education grants are awarded by State Education Agencies, the US Department of Education, Corporations, and Foundation. Education and health are the two most highly funded fields of interest, but are also very competitive. Knowing how to find, write, and win K-12 education grants is a skill you must learn if you need funding. Some K-12 schools hire grant writers, and others depend upon teachers, parents and volunteers. Training in how to apply for K-12 educational grants can help many different kinds of applicants, especially if they are interested in getting funds for training students in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math). The demand for STEM jobs will continue to grow, so projects that focus on educating students have an advantage. Approach these types of grants by carefully following directions and addressing the specific concerns of the school or school district since each one is different. In every USGG workshop and webinar, sample K-12 grant proposals are shared.

If you are interested in becoming a grant writer to help your children’s school apply for K-12 education grant, USGG has a number of training options including 1) on-site workshops for schools that want to train 14 or more to write K-12 education grants; 2) Grant Writing as a Career Certificate Course – a six week online course that teaches you how to create a home-based career as a professional grant writer; 3) customized grant consulting and coaching; and 4) our newest course called The Growing SMART Project: How to teach teens Science, Math, and Art through grant writing where we teach teachers and parents how to teach teens to write grants. USGG has a team of professional grant writers that have generated more than $450 million in grants for their clients. One of the best K-12 education grants writers is Jan Mitchell Johnson.

Jan Mitchell Johnson is the energetic founder, President, and Lead Writer for Grantsformation, Inc., a highly successful and experienced grant writing, training, and consulting firm located in Houston, Texas. In only three years as a Grants Coordinator in the largest school district in Texas, she helped schools earn over $20 million in funding for education projects and programs. Since January 1, 2003, her company has earned another $110 million in state and federal grants, bringing her total to more than $130 million. In 2010, only 49 of the 1,698 Investing in Innovation (i3) grant applicants were awarded funding. Two of these were hers.

Jan has written winning grants for numerous public and charter schools all over the United States, from Alaska to California to Texas and even Arizona’s Navajo Nation. She loves to share her secrets, tips, and techniques with interested educators everywhere. Passionate about what she does, Jan is skilled at helping others overcome their fear of the blank page so that they, too, can “turn words into money.” One Texas school district used what they learned in Jan’s intensive coaching sessions to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than one year, even earning the highest score on an extremely competitive grant as one of only six winners in the state.

Jan holds a B.S. in Elementary Education, an M. Ed. in Educational Administration, and two lifetime Texas teacher certifications. A teacher at heart, she speaks the language of education and is grateful that her career makes a difference. For more information on Jan Mitchell Johnson contact us.

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