Government Grants

There are over 26 federal government grant making agencies and more than 900 federal government grant programs that provide government grants. All federal, state, and local government agencies give out some grants. To find them, do an online search for “government grants” and your local city or county’s name. You can also find federal grants at and on your State Government’s website. For example in the state of Indiana, the state website is Visit the website to search for various agencies within the state government and then find the kind of grant programs they fund.

A diverse number of organizations can win government grants, as long as their proposed projects will benefit communities and residents. For example the National Endowment for the Arts is a federal program that gives grants to artistic organizations, which then use those funds to support artists.

USGG has experience guiding and training organizations that want to win government grants. We consult with cities, counties, towns, states, and Native American tribes to help governments win local, state, and federal government grants. USGG workshops provide detailed guidance and instructions on the US government grant application process. Participants get sample winning government grants applications in their workbooks so they can be completely prepared for the entire application process.

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