Grant Writing and Grants Management Workshops

USGG offers customized grant writing and grants management workshops for state and federal agencies, national associations, and small and large corporations that sell to public sector clients. Our grant writing and grants management workshop services are also great for Councils of Government and public sector organizations such as government agencies, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, health care providers, law enforcement agencies, fire and emergency management, cities, towns, and counties.

A few examples of customized grant writing and grants management workshops we provide focus on include: 1) Drug Free Community Coalitions; 2) Parks & Recreation; 3) Native American Tribes; 4) Rural Development; 5) Technology Grants; 6) Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention; 7) Teen Grant Writing; 8) Resource, Conservation and Development and 9) Hawaiian nonprofits.

USGG has the ability to develop customized video grant writing and grants management training programs for corporations that sell to public sector and nonprofit clients, as well as government agencies, Native American tribes, national associations, grant makers, schools, colleges, and faith based organizations. We can create training for specific federal grant opportunities such as the Drug Free Communities Grant from SAMHSA or Rural Health Network Planning and Development grants from HRSA; or for general proposal writing for corporate, foundation, and government grants that allow for the purchase of technology, equipment, professional services or staffing.This customized video training program for your organizations affords on-demand learning opportunities to nonprofit employees, managers, and public sector administrators, so they can learn anytime and anyplace, at their own pace.

Our team of award winning grant writers also has experience with Disaster Recovery Grants, Small Business Innovation and Research Grants, Education Grants, Healthcare Grants, and Native American Grants. Contact us for any customized training program you need and we’ll match your need with an expert grant writer, trainer, or consultant in your field of interest.

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