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The types of organizations that award technology grants are as diverse as the types of projects that are funded with them. Some of the largest foundations that provide technology grants are the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Community Foundation of Silicon Valley, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, W. M. Keck Foundation, SBC Foundation, Merck Company Foundation, Intel Foundation, Henry Luce Foundation, and the Shell Oil Company Foundation.

The largest percentage of technology grants are awarded to non-profit organizations, healthcare agencies, colleges and universities, local government agencies, tribal institutions, and schools. For-profit organizations are generally not eligible for technology grants unless they are conducting research or creating jobs.

USGG has a membership community site called the Technology Grants Community that provides free educational information on technology grants for its members. There is no cost for membership to the Technology Grants Community and each week we list new grant opportunities for various fields of interest such as K-12 education, law enforcement, fire and emergency management, healthcare, people with disabilities, Native American Tribes, Native Hawaiian populations, energy, and the environment.

USGG has expertise in writing technology grants. Its founder and lead instructor, Beverly Santicola, has a track record of success in developing technology grants for elementary-secondary education, healthcare, science, economic development, and labor-management cooperation. With an average of one million dollars in grant awards each year, Santicola has authored technology grants that have:

  • Established community technology centers in schools

  • Increased interest and learning outcomes in science and citizenship

  • Increased learning outcomes in reading, writing, and mathematics

  • Promoted labor-management cooperation

  • Encouraged economic growth

  • Advanced professional development

  • Increased access to healthcare

  • Facilitated early detection of breast cancer

If you sell technology to nonprofit organizations or government agencies contact Beverly Santicola to show you how we can help.

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