US Government Grants


In our opinion, the only differences in applying for US Government Grants and grants from private foundations are the number of forms and components required. To apply for US Government Grants you need to register with the SAMS system located on the website. In addition, you need to obtain a Dun and Bradstreet Number which is free. Detailed instructions are provided on to register to apply for grants and to obtain a DUNS number. For federal grants, the following forms are often standard:

  • Cover Form 424

  • Abstract

  • Table of Contents

  • Budget Form 524

  • Assurances Form

  • Drug Free Workplace Form

  • Lobbying Form

The rest of the grant proposal for US Government Grants is very similar to any other grant proposal. US Government Grants are generally judged against a set of criteria for which points are allocated. Sample criteria for US Government Grants include the following, which have been extracted from a Youthbuild Grant RFP:

  • Capacity of Applicant and Relevant Organizational Experience (15 points)

  • Need/Extent of the Problem (25 points)

  • Soundness of Approach (40 points)

  • Leveraging Resources (10 points)

  • Achieving Results and Program Evaluation (10 points)

Private foundations often word their questions differently than US Government agencies, but the proposal responses should be very similar. For example: US Government Grants ask for “the capacity of applicant and relevant organizational information”; a private foundation might ask for “applicant qualifications.” US Government Grants asks for “soundness of approach”; a private foundation might ask for “project objectives or activities to accomplish your goal.” A private foundation might also ask for methodologies for accomplishing your objectives or a Program Plan.” US Government Grants asks for “leveraging resources”; a private foundation would ask about “collaborating partners.”

Our company, USGG, and its affiliates offer Two-Day Grant Writing Workshops across the country that provides participants with the knowledge and tools to successfully apply for grants. In lively, energetic, and enthusiastic style, its trainers provide a road map for success in writing proposals for all types of government grants, foundation grants and corporate grants. Whether you are a beginning grant writer or a seasoned professional, you’ll learn how to create better grant proposals in a simple step-by-step process.

This workshop features actual grant writing practice, as well as team activities, and immediate feedback. Students have the opportunity to work on their own grant proposals throughout the two days and receive recommendations for improvement. Professional presentation handouts are provided along with a workbook full of samples of award-winning grant proposals for US Government Grants, private foundation grants and corporate grants. Individualized research is conducted by the trainers prior to the workshop so that each student takes home a list of 10-100 potential funders who are interested in funding their issue in their state. In addition, students will learn shortcuts on how to find out about state, local, and federal government grants.

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